Code less,
deliver faster.

The low-code highway
to composable backend services

Livebase supports analysts in modeling functional requirements, and it also supports developers by translating requirements into software components ready to be integrated into the backend of any enterprise application

Capture accurate requirements

The Livebase Designer neatly guides the analysis process, allowing to efficiently capture functional requirements as an integrated set of intuitive and highly expressive diagrams.

Minimize coding and testing

The components generated by Livebase (Cloudlets) can save from most of the effort of coding and testing the application backend. And they can also be easily extended with custom code.

Streamline maintenance

Regenerate Cloudlets in production to support new business needs or avoid technology obsolescence. Free developers from the burden of adapting to upgrades in the hosting software stack

Unleash backend composability

Integrate Cloudlets effortlessly thanks to their robust, flexible and self-documented GraphQL API. Leverage power of GraphQL and its vibrant ecosystem of development and testing tools

Livebase is a low-code platform allowing Business Analysts, Information Architects and Database Designers to capture business-level functional requirements and generate backend components (mini-services) named Cloudlets, without coding.

Cloudlets can manage heavily-structured business data and execute complex transactions according to custom business rules. Thanks to their flexible GraphQL API, Cloudlets can be used as Packaged Business Capabilities (PBC as defined by Gartner) to quickly compose highly reliable, scalable and maintainable backends for enterprise applications, up to 10x faster.

Livebase can automatically deploy, manage and update Cloudlets as docker containers directly on Amazon AWS: just draw your model and press a button to have your GraphQL service up and running at scale. Livebase can also deploy and manage Cloudlets on your own hosting infrastructure, on premise or on any public IaaS.

We're excited to share that Iuri Fanti, a talented data architect, has recently published an insightful post on his LinkedIn profile about the remarkable development of an eCRF application for the ESTER study, aimed at evaluating the efficacy of an early switch to a single-pill regimen for primary HIV-1 infection.

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As a data scientist dedicated to this project, Iuri Fanti faced the full responsibility of setting up an eCRF (Electronic Case Report Form) application to support the RENOIR study on COVID-19. His mission was clear: to create a robust, reliable solution ready in record time. And this is where Livebase came into play.

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Digital transformation represents a critical shift for industries and public administrations looking to modernize their operations and services by embracing advanced technologies to improve efficiency and flexibility. Learn how Packaged Business Capabilities (as defined by Gartner) can help, and how to design and generate them with Livebase.

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Discover the exciting opportunities in the Livebase Service Partner Program. Our latest blog post outlines the perks of becoming a partner, including access to advanced technology, training programs, and collaborative marketing efforts. Ideal for businesses eager to grow and evolve with leading-edge cloud-based platforms.

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The Livebase platform is designed and developed by FHOSTER srl, a technology venture incorporated on purpose in 2008 and funded by an international team of private investors and by the FILAS POR I3 venture capital fund.

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