Streamline Maintenance

Benefits for IT managers, developers and system administrators

Keep maintenance costs affordable and predictable

Releasing the backend of a business application in production is the beginning of a (hopefully) long maintenance and extension activity. Unfortunately, years after the first release, developers involved in (urgent) maintenance works generally don’t have the vision and the budget of the initial dev team, and they are mostly interested in solving the problem in the cheapest and quickest way possible. In the long run, this inevitably degrades the cleanliness and the elegance of the initial architecture, making maintenance more and more difficult and unpredictably expensive. Maintaining a Livebase Model (rather than code scattered across hundreds of source files) is fortunately a much simple task, made easier by the Livebase Designer actively enforcing coherence and consistency across all the diagrams.

Avoid technological obsolescence and deliver new features for free

Almost every Livebase release introduces improvements in the Cloudlet’s framework and generation process. Some of the latest ones, for instance, have been data versioning (keeping track of all the different versions of a persisted objects, along with who saved them and when), integration with Keycloak user-authentication (SSO) service, in-memory distributed concurrency control with Hazelcast , etc. This means that, by just rebuilding a Cloudlet, developers get a brand-new backend leveraging the latest technologies supported by Livebase and also (if enabled in the Model) incorporate new features implemented in the Cloudlet’s framework. In other words, Livebase extends indefinitely the operating life of your backend eliminating the effort and the risk to periodically refactor its code manually.

Shield from upgrades of the hosting infrastructure

Upgrading the software stack on a hosting infrastructure (e.g. the OS, the DBMS or the Servlet Container) is inevitable, and that it might well generate undesired side-effects in the hosted applications. For instance, a new version of the DBMS might not support some special features your backend relies on. Even worse, a new version of the Operating System might not support an open-source library your backend depends on. In such cases, locating and fixing the problem can be hard and very expensive. The Livebase subscription not only includes regular upgrades of the software stack on the Hosting Infrastructures, but it also guarantees that a new version of the platform is contextually released, capable to automatically rebuild all the Cloudlets in order to make them compatible with the new software stack.