Create a demo frontend with Flutter on a backend generated and deployed (in less than one hour) with Livebase

This year we are proud sponsors of FlutterHeros 2023 the annual Flutter dev conference hosted in person in Turin, Italy, and broadcasted live on the web. The event features international speakers and sponsors, and welcomes participants from all over Europe, and connected online from all over the globe.

This Flutter Dev Contest is open to any Flutter developer (not necessarily attending the conference) and allows to win cash prizes: €1500 for the winner, €1000 for the runner-up and €500 for the third. Moreover, all the developers that will submit a valid Flutter application will receive a six-months extension of their free Livebase evaluation account.
Flutter DEV Contest image


(1) Read below the objectives and the functional requirements of the app to be created and submitted; (2) Generate, deploy and initialize the backend of the app with Livebase (we provide an initial engine model, a sample data-set for testing, and step-by-step instructions); (3) Create the frontend of the app (web and/or mobile) with Flutter, based on the GraphQL API of the backend generated by Livebase; (4) Send us the engine model of the backend (modified by you with the Livebase Designer) and the source code of the frontend, along with a declaration that you accept the rules of the contest.



The contest starts on February 24th, 2023, simultaneously with the FlutterHero conference, and lasts until March 31st, 2023 (extended submission deadline). The evaluation process will take two weeks, until March 31st. On that date, we will publish the winners' names on this web page, and they will be requested via email to provide (within one week) the bank account where we will wire-transfer their prize. The Livebase evaluation accounts of all the participants who submitted a compliant app will be extended until September 30th, 2023 free of charge, while all the other accounts will be terminated.