1. The "Flutter Dev Contest" (hereinafter "Contest") is a competition with cash prizes organized by Fhoster s.r.l., an Italian company with registered office in Rome (Italy), via Baldo degli Ubaldi 190, tax code and VAT number 09983451007 (hereinafter "Organizer").

  2. The enter the Contest, participants (hereafter "Participants") need to register an account on Livebase, which is a low-code development platform (hereafter “Platform”) developed by the Organizer, and to use it to create a software application (hereafter “Entry”) to be submitted for evaluation.

  3. The Contest falls under the case from art. 6 of Italian D.P.R. 430/2001 (non-primarily commercial nature): participation is totally free (it does not require the prior purchase of any product or service), and the prizes up for grabs will be recognized as performance of work only to those Participants whose Entries will show high-profile technical skills and abilities according to the evaluation criteria published on this web site.