Support on-demand

Technical support is available to customers with an active subscription plan,  by opening a ticket (called a “case”) on the FHOSTER Customer Support System, accessible by one contact per Customer at fhoster.fogbugz.comVoice interactions with the support teams can occur only if requested by the support staff,  when it deems it useful to understand and solve the problem.

To be taken care of, a ticket must necessarily report a precise description of the problem possibly accompanied by screenshots, the sequence of actions to be performed to reproduce the problem (starting with user authentication) and any necessary resources (eg. upload in case of an error during an upload).

The cumulative time taken by the FHOSTER technicians involved is counted in minutes/person, in steps of 15 minutes/person, and it is billed monthly (in the final balance) at the rate of € 1.67 per minute/person. An account statement is always attached to the invoice, containing the details of each intervention: reference ticket, date and time of the intervention, description of the activities carried out, people involved (usually only one person) and minutes/person charged.

The activities carried out to resolve or temporarily circumvent any unlikely malfunction of the Livebase platform or of a generated Cloudlet will not be charged.