Training Courses

Cloudlet Modeling & Administration

This course is intended to guide people with knowledge of conceptual data modeling (not necessarily software developers) into the features of the Livebase modeling environment. 

The course is structured in 8 virtual sessions (via Google Meet or Zoom) about 3 hours each  (24 hours in total) or 4 sessions in person (only in Italy, at the customer’s premises) about 6 hours each (one our off for lunch). The teacher is a Software Engineer with at least 4 years of experience in Livebase modeling.

The main topics covered by this course are listed hereunder.

Dealing with single class models
 Creating a simple registry application
 Extending the simple application
 Playing with data in the generated GraphQL API
 Refining the generated application
 Enforcing data quality with class warnings

Dealing with multiple classes and relations
 Working with associations
 Working with compositions
 Derived attributes based on queries
 Advanced modeling techniques
 Breaking up large models into multiple diagrams
 Customizing GraphQL endpoints for specific user profiles
 Localization of GraphQL messages

Dealing with Cloudlets
 Managing multiple Cloudlets
 Importing and exporting Cloudlet data
 Configuring Cloudlet defaults
 Importing data from external sources

Cloudlet plugin development

This course is intended to guide experienced software developers with knowledge of Java, into the process of extending a Cloudlet with additional functionality by developing cloudlet plugins. The main topics covered by this course are listed hereunder.

Database transaction handlers
 Database Insert Handler
Database Update Handler
Database Delete Handler

Application handlers
Form Action Handler
List Action Handler
Validation handler
Save handler

Coding plugins
Downloading the SPI from a Cloudlet
Classes and services provided by the SPI
Best practices to code efficient plugins
Uploading and managing plugins on a Cloudlet