Streamline build and deployment

Livebase can rebuild and redeploy a Cloudlet in minutes whenever its Model is changed, which means regenerating the Cloudlet’s application, generating a new compatible database and migrating data from the old database to the new one.

Using the Livebase Dashboard, developers can easily create multiple different Cloudlets as independent execution environments for different versions of a given Model, for instance:

  • a “Development” environment in which developers continuously edit new versions of the Model and test the generated backend

  • a “Validation” environment where the backend generated from a (older) candidate version of the Model is validated by the Customer

  • a “Production” environment running the backend generated from the last validated (oldest) version of the Model.

The Dashboard allows to move Model versions and databases from one environment to another by simply dragging and dropping icons, no matter where the environments are hosted. All build & deployment operations can be also automated by a Continuous Integration tool (e.g. Jenkins) via a Gradle plugin.