Vertical ERP for no-profit organization

The Rights Agency of the Rome VIII City Hall provides Italian and foreign citizens with assistance, guidance and free legal advice on work, housing, immigration rights. The Agency delegates the supply of its services to the "Arci Solidarietà Onlus" no-profit association and to the "Stand-up" cooperative.

In order to manage the considerable amount of information related to the reservation and the provision of services to the citizens, the cooperative needed an information system ad-hoc but did not have the budget necessary to develop it in a traditional way.

In December 2012, thanks to the Livebase platform, a collaborator of the cooperative with limited programming experience has modeled and put into operation in a few days a back-office information system for the management of the service and its monitoring.

In view of the very small budget, the cooperative Stand-up has subscribed to the cheapest subscription plan among those shared server, which offers anyway all the essential services at a price of just 360 euros per year. 

Register of collaborators (desk operators, social workers, civil and criminal lawyers), of assisted citizens (Italian, EU, non-EU) and their family members, factors of hardship (housing emergency, working condition, socio-economic difficulties)booked and performed interventions (subjects involved, outcome, etc.).