No run-time royalties

Livebase charges developers only for the computational work required to (re)generate their Cloudlets, which depends on the complexity of the Models installed there. Once generated, Cloudlets run free of charge (unlimited API calls).

Models complexity (LCP)

Livebase measures the complexity of each Model in LCP (Livebase Complexity Points), a metric inspired to the Function Point standard. The Livebase Designer shows in real-time the complexity of a Model while it is edited.

How many LCP per month will you need

The average complexity of a model ranges from hundreds of LCPs (e.g. a simple app for reserving meeting rooms) to many thousands of LCPs (e.g. vertical ERP). Check the "Build with Livebase" section for some examples.

Livebase Subscription Plans

Each Livebase subscription plan provides a given amount of LCPs each month, which developers can use to (re)generate Cloudlets: every time they (re)generate a Cloudlet, the amount of LCPs available in the month is decremented by the LCPs of the Model installed on that Cloudlet.

Deployment on your own hosting infrastructure

Livebase can deploy your cloudlets on your own hosting infrastructures (either on-premise or on any IaaS), and execute them free of charge. There is no limit in the computing resources of such infrastructures (e.g. number of processing cores, memory and disk storage).

Optional managed hosting service, on AmazonAWS

You can also deploy some (or all) your cloudlets on our managed and scalable hosting infrastructure based on Amazon AWS. In this case, you can configure the computing resources assigned to such cloudlets, which will be charged monthly on top of the Livebase subscription.