Livebase integrates a suite of tools to design, generate, deploy, administrate and maintain Cloudlets through their entire life cycle.

Dashboard  is a desktop client connected to the Livebase Cloud Services, providing a user interface to control and operate all other components of the Livebase platform.

 Designer   is a user interface (part of the Dashboard) to capture and visually represent business-level functional requirements by drawing a set of integrated diagrams  (Livebase Models).

 Library  is versioned repository allowing developers to store and share Models within their team. The Library also features metrics, version control, and tools to search and reuse elements of models drawn in the past.

 Coder  is a code generator translating a Model (drawn with the Designer) into the DDL code to create the Cloudlet database and into the Java code implementing business rules and the GraphQL API.

 Builder  compiles the code generated by the Coder into a Cloudlet installation package (optionally a Docker container) ready to be transferred to the target hosting infrastructure.

 Updater  generates the DDL required to update the structure of the Cloudlet database (schema-morphing plan) to make it compatible with the business logic, once it has been regenerated after a Model change.

 Deployer  connects the Hosting Agent on the target hosting infrastructure and transfers there the installation package generated by the Builder or the database schema-morphing plan generated by the Updater.

 Hosting Agent  is a lightweight agent that must be installed on a hosting infrastructure to let Livebase deploy Cloudlets there and manage them.