Measure analysis and design activities

Analysis and design are the most critical activities of a software development process, and at the same time it’s hard to measure their rate of progression. Especially during the first cycles of the development process, for instance, analysis sessions frequently invalidate a significant part of the requirements previously gathered and modelled.

With Livebase, measuring the efficiency of analysis and design activities is simple, objective and precise. In fact, the Livebase Designer measures the size and the complexity of a Livebase Model in real-time, while the developer draws it, using a metrics named Livebase Complexity Point (LCP).

Moreover, the Livebase Library keeps track of every version of any given Model along with its absolute size (measured again in LCP) and its incremental size over the previous version.

This way Livebase can always tell how much is removed from and added to a Model on average during a generic analysis session (that is, how efficient the modeling process is), the individual contribution of each analyst and his overall efficiency.