Cloudlet Deployment Scenarios

Cludlets can be deployed either as normal web applications on a standard and fully open-source software stack, or encapsulated as Docker containers for deployment on a Docker Swarm of Kubernetes infrastructure.

In both cases, the multiple instances of any given Cloudlet will all access and manage the same database. Nevertheless, database horizontal scalability can still be achieved with specific MariaDB multi-node clustering (e.g. with Galera or SkySQL).

Minimal, single-node deployment

In this scenario, the Cloudlet is deployed on a standard and fully open-source software stack: CentOS operating system, Karaf servlet container, MariaDB DBMS.

Cloud-based, scalable deployment

In this scenario, the logic of the Cloudlet (GraphQL API implementation, rules enforcement, etc.) is encapsulated along with a Karaf instance is encapsulated into a Docker container and deployed as a pod on a Kubernetes infrastructure. All the Cloudlet instances access the same database, deployed on SkySQL MariaDB Cloud Database for both vertical and horizontal scalability.