Livebase supports analysts in modeling functional requirements, and it also supports developers by translating requirements into software components ready to be integrated into the backend of any enterprise application

Capture accurate requirements

The Livebase Designer neatly guides the analysis process, allowing to efficiently capture functional requirements as an integrated set of intuitive and highly expressive diagrams.

Minimize coding and testing

The components generated by Livebase (Cloudlets) can save from most of the effort of coding and testing the application backend. And they can also be easily extended with custom code.

Streamline maintenance

Regenerate Cloudlets in production to support new business needs or avoid technology obsolescence. Free developers from the burden of adapting to upgrades in the hosting software stack

Unleash backend composability

Integrate Cloudlets effortlessly thanks to their robust, flexible and self-documented GraphQL API. Leverage power of GraphQL and its vibrant ecosystem of development and testing tools