To generate a backend, just drag a Model into a Cloudlet (e.g. from the Library) and start the Cloudlet: the backend derived from the Model will be generated and deployed in minutes on the hosting infrastructure the Cloudlet is bound to.

Having multiple Cloudlets for each backend project (e.g. Development, Validation and Production) allows you to generate and test in parallel different versions of your backend, and move versions and databases across Cloudlets by just dragging them.

Backends can be easily updated and extended at any time (even once they are in production) by just editing the Model they where generated from and by regenerating such Model and automatically morphing the database schema as required, unless a potential data loss is detected.

Each backend is generated virtually bug-free from a robust framework, entirely based on open-source technologies like Java, MariaDB and Apache Karaf. The generation process just configures and extends such framework for the specific needs of your application, according to the Model.