Private Hosting Setup

The initial configuration (setup) of a Hosting is a service provided by FHOSTER, and is entirely based on open-source software components (AlmaLinusOS or RedHat Enterprise operating system, Karaf servlet-container, MariaDB DBMS or Percona depending on the configuration). Any licence and support costs for these open-source components are borne by the customer. The setup price, charged on a one-off basis, can vary depending on the complexity of the hosting infrastructure, between €600.00 in the case of a single server, to €4800.00 in the case of clusters of servers for application logic and clusters of servers for DBMSs. In order for a hosting to be used by the Livebase platform to deploy or update the applications generated, it must be reachable from the platform itself (which is hosted on a secure infrastructure located on Italian territory) via a secure HTTPS connection or via a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Managed Hosting (on Amazon AWS)

Managed Hosting is an optional paid service that allows, when creating a Cloudlet, to have it deployed and executed on a hosting infrastructure provided and managed by FHOSTER. Such infrastructure is based on Amazon AWS, the world leader in cloud services. FHOSTER exclusively uses Amazon AWS datacentres located in the EU. Each Cloudlet on Managed Hosting, regardless of whether it is actually running or not, incurs an additional monthly charge in addition to the fixed fee for the Livebase platform subscription plan. Hybrid scenarios are of course possible, in which the Customer has some Cloudlets deployed on its own Hosting, therefore at no additional cost, and other Cloudlets on Managed Hosting, therefore with additional costs depending on how the service is configured for each of them.

Basic support

Basic support is accounted for and invoiced on a monthly basis (on balance) at a rate of €2.00 per minute/person. In the case of pre-planned activities duration of more than forty hours, a discounted rate of €800.00 per day/person. A statement shall always be attached to the invoice containing details of each intervention: reference ticket, date of the intervention, description of the activities performed, persons involved and minutes/person or days/person charged. The Subscription does not include any guarantee on the time it takes to process tickets, which could be long regardless of the importance of the ticket and the priority with which it is opened. The FHOSTER technical staff takes charge and works on tickets from customers with basic support only when not busy on tickets opened by customers who have purchased a guaranteed level of service.

Support with SLA

Customers who develop/manage mission-critical systems and who believe they need support with guaranteed response times can optionally extend best-effort support by subscribing to one of the following guaranteed service levels: STANDARD: tickets always taken care of by the fifth business day following (5th Business Day) after the one on which they are created (€200.00 per month). RAPID: tickets always processed by the third business day following (3rd Business Day) following that on which they are created (€400.00. per month). IMMEDIATE: tickets always taken care of within the first working day following (Next Business Day) after the day on which they are created (€800.00 per month).